Contracting Services

Project Implementation:

Cham Company is distinguished by its ability to implement different types of private and public building projects (structures and finishing) in addition to road and infrastructure projects, including all construction, architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing works within the standards of cost, (through a distinctive cost control system) time, (through working with the latest project management programs) and quality (through a quality control system in line with the latest international standards), while maintaining maximum security and safety standards within sites. The work is done through a special cadre of managers, engineers and specialized technicians capable of working under all conditions and for up to three shifts a day in order to complete the projects within the set timeframes.

Project Supervision:

Supervising architectural projects is one of the most important work fields of Cham Company due to the variety of projects, whether in accordance with the Syrian contracts law or the FIDIC. This is done through the application of the latest standards, utilizing a featured supervising system which regulates the work of the implementing party as per the cost, time and quality standards, insuring the rights of the owner and taking into account the rights of the implementing parties as concluded within the contracts as an honest professional entity leading the workflow.