The Maintenance Section plays a fundamental role in Cham Company, as it supports and follows up works during the design, implementation, and operation phases. It sets up preventive maintenance programs for the used equipment through a technical cadre qualified to perform all types of preventive, corrective and urgent maintenance works. It also performs inspections on buildings in service to mark out the weakness points and carry out necessary works to optimally invest buildings at the lowest costs possible. We provide distinctive services to a large group of economic, industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare businesses within both the private and the public sectors.

We look forward to providing maintenance services with the best international standards to Syrian faculties, by meeting our clients' needs of maintenance services of all types. We also perform inspections on buildings in service to mark out the weakness points and carry out necessary works to invest buildings.

This is done through:

Innovative and economical solutions:

Innovative Solutions:

We pledge to provide innovative solutions to each client as needed. This means that we are able to provide superior services at the lowest costs.

Economical Solutions:

The large capacity of our maintenance work enables us to obtain the maintenance required equipment at competitive prices and bear the expenses of the specialized technical cadre of various contracts. Furthermore, the advanced work programs constitute a unique mixture which makes it possible for us to provide our services at competitive prices for our clients and insures the continuation of their works without interruptions caused by malfunctions.

Civil Maintenance Services:

Our civil maintenance cadres provide different types of necessary maintenance works to preserve the readiness of the maintained buildings.

These works include among others:

• Maintenance of the interior and exterior painting of the buildings.

• Maintenance of all types of floorings.

• Maintenance of doors, windows and locks.

• Maintenance of water and sanitation systems, bathrooms and public utilities.

• Maintenance of decorative false ceilings.

• Maintenance of décor and wooden and metal switches.

Electric Maintenance Services:

They include the following:

• Maintenance of central control panels.

• Maintenance of electrical wiring and networks.

• Maintenance of backup generators.

Electromechanical Maintenance Services:

• Maintenance of cooling and heating systems.

Operation and Maintenance Programs:

We do realize the importance of preventive maintenance of facilities, tools and equipment, which ensures the continuity of its high performance and the resulting productive and safe work environment.

This can be achieved through one of these programs:

Visits Program:

This programis based on monthly visits to the facility trough which the facility is be examined and inspected, in addition to conducting preventive maintenance to it and repairing malfunctions if present.

Comprehensive Maintenance Program:

This program is based on the presence of a maintenance team on a permanent basis at the facility to carry out routine and simple maintenance acts.